Agarwood is a Great Detoxifier as a Beverage

Agarwood Logs

Cultivated agarwood is known for the agarwood chips. A lot of people use cultivated agarwood chips as an incense. Some people burn the chips over charcoal or simply light them with a flame. The usual process involves lighting the chips and then quickly blowing out the fire because it doesn’t take much smoke from the agarwood chips to generate aroma in the room.

Another use for agarwood is brewing the agarwood leaves to make a tea. Few people have experienced the benefits of agarwood tea, which is a great alternative to green tea. Being an alternative to green tea, agarwood tea has zero caffeine. This is great for people desiring the health benefits of herbal beverages, yet are sensitive to caffeine.

Benefits of Agarwood Tea

Drinkable agarwood is just as beneficial as agarwood chips. Here are some of the benefits of drinking agarwood:

  • Stabilizes Blood Sugar. This is a great alternative to medication for those that struggle with high blood pressure and blood sugar levels. There have been reports of diabetic patients having their blood glucose return to normal, after taking agarwood tea for a long period of time. Some of the key benefits found in agarwood tea are hexane crude extracts and methanol.
  • Naturally Detoxifies. You can consume your morning coffee and then replace your remaining beverages for the day with agarwood tea.
  • Supports Weight Loss. With so many diet supplements and weight loss solutions, it is good to have a product that supports weight loss naturally. Agarwood naturally cleanses your body and digestive system, providing a new start and producing weight loss. By using agarwood tea, you receive the benefits of herbal teas without the need for caffeine. This helps eliminate jitters, anxiety, and other areas that may stem from caffeine use.

These are only a few of the many health benefits that exist with agarwood tea. How you prepare the powerful, all natural tea is totally up to you. Agarwood tea can be consumed hot or cold. Either way, the tea will provide the same amount of benefits. Made hygienically, the tea leaves are made without any use of chemicals or plant food. The process and production of agarwood helps eliminate any side effects from the agarwood tea leaves. Along with all of its benefits, agarwood tea carries a natural sweet taste that makes consumption easier for those with sugar issues.


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