Run celebrates GTV’s 25th year

Participants gathering at the Holistic Run held in conjunction with Gaharu Tea Valley’s 25th anniversary.

A RUN last week, which attracted about 500 participants, was held in conjunction with the agarwood plantation Gaharu Tea Valley’s (GTV) 25th anniversary.

The event, co-organised with Brooks Running Club, was flagged off at GTV’s signature Great Wall in Gopeng.

The event was also held as part of efforts to contribute to Visit Perak Year 2017.

Over 25 of the founder and workers of the plantation have worked to preserve and commercialise Gaharu trees under the “Gaharu Gopeng” Geographical Indication with Malaysian intellectual property organisation MyIPO.

GTV holds the national record for being the first organic Gaharu plantation in the country and it now has 200,000 trees planted on 121ha of land in Gopeng.


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