Agarwood extraction workshop held at Moayimti


    All Sanchi (Agar) Growers’ Association of Assam (ASGAA) conducted three-day national workshop on agarwood extraction from June 5 to 7 at Moayimti.

    During the three-day workshop, ASGAA team observed World Environment Day and planted 100 agar saplings in public places and roadside of the village.

    On the occasion, Agar grower from Moayimti village, Tsuknungmangyang was felicitated with a certificate by ASGAA.

    Chairman Imkongtizuk and village head GB, who also attended the programme along with the villagers, encouraged planting more Sanchi saplings in their respective locality in further.
    The programme was monitored and supervised by social activist of the village Limatoshi.

    A total of 25 youths successfully completed the training programme and received certificate.

    ASGAA also mentioned that from March 29 onwards, the association has been conducting different programmes under “Mission Green Village”. it also informed that ASGAA will be conducting such skills development programmes in the state to help youths utilise natural resources in a sustainable manner for self employment.


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