One man arrested in Phuket for illegal logging, two suspects escape

Aussanai Satoe (with face blurred) from Prachin Buri was arrested while two further men managed to escape. Photo: Royal Thai Navy

Acting Sub Lt Uthai Thongdee of the Royal Thai Navy Third Area Command together with Chief of Bang Kanun Protected Forest Sorakrit Sangkam yesterday (Nov 30) led a raid on a protected forest area in Thalang and arrested one man for illegal logging of protected Agarwood wood.

Two suspects who were also at the site at the time of the raid managed to escape arrest.

Officials carried out the raid at 7:30pm after receiving reports from local residents that many large Agarwood trees were being cut down in the protected area.

The arrested man was named as Aussanai Satoe from Prachin Buri.

Aussanai then led officials to a house in Thalang where they found two ID cards belonging to the two escapees, Anusorn Jaturong and Somrot Jaroendong, 38. Officials were told the two men were also from Prachin Buri.

Aussanai was taken to Thalang Police Station to be questioned further while police will continue to search for Anusorn and Somrot.


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