Mukul’s Cutting Riposte To Prestone

Agroforestry essential to improve farmers’ lot, says CM


Chief Minister Mukul Sangma is not one who would shy away from a verbal duel.

A day after former cabinet minister Prestone Tynsong attacked the chief minister on the issue of Agarwood plantation, Sangma on Saturday countered in no uncertain terms contending that promotion of Agar plantation and agroforestry has drawn the attention of even the Union government, which has started to extend support to the states to promote high-valued agroforestry. For this purpose, he noted, a special programme has been initiated.

“The Department of Forest and Environment has been tasked with notifying the simple procedures for felling and harvesting so as to help our farmers increase their otherwise limited income,” Sangma said.

In a cutting riposte he said the irony was that self-proclaimed political messiahs don’t know what can be done or has been done for the benefit of the state and its people.

Plantation of Agar and other agroforestry for the purpose of their scientific and commercial exploitation, he said, is essential to generate highly remunerative incomes, thereby contributing to bettering the lot of farmers as well as generating substantial revenue on a sustainable basis.

Taking a dig at Tynsong, Mukul said, “If only politicians did their homework properly before making a comment they would have known about the multiple and sustainable business opportunities Agar and agroforestry farming can throw up for the benefit of the future generations.”


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