West Kalimantan, WWF officials visit Ulu Menyang agarwood plantation


A group of government officials and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) representatives from West Kalimantan, Indonesia recently visited Ulu Menyang here.

According to WWF-Malaysia International Climate Initiative Project manager Cynthia Chin, the visit was to check out the agarwood plantation planted in the area last year.

She said the plantation is part of the trans-boundary green economy programme in Sarawak under the Heart of Borneo (HoB) initiative.

“During the visit, officials from Malaysia and Indonesia were brought to check out the gaharu plantation at Ulu Menyang here. There are currently 11,000 agarwood trees planted at 43,000 hectares of land there,” she added.

Chin also revealed that agarwood was chosen to be planted in the area to conserve the orangutan population in the area, as most of trees will not be chopped down because the plantation was created for harvesting agarwood leaves for tea.


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