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Monday, January 20, 2020
Illegal Agarwood

Drone View of a Agarwood Plantation in Thailand (Sakon Nakhon)

A 17 Rai Agarwood Plantation managed by Asia Plantation Capital.

The Scent That’s Pricier Than Gold

Hong Kong was once known as the fragrant harbour – the result of an ancient trade in agarwood. The fragrance of thousands of incense sticks...

Asia Plantation Capital opens SE Asia’s largest agarwood factory

Asia Plantation Capital is proud to announce the opening of its new, purpose-built Agarwood (gaharu) factory and research centre, located in Johor, Malaysia. A mere...

Endangered natural fragrance ingredient oud saved by investment capital

A group of associated companies that specialise in agricultural investment projects have plans to further invest in the supply chain of oud and its...