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Illegal Agarwood
Asia Plantation Capital
Established officially in 2008, although operating privately since 2002 the group now have plantations and agricultural projects on 4 continents with operational projects at various stages from start-up to fully operational plantations and farms.

Asia Plantation Capital is one of the world’s fastest growing plantation management companies, leading the way in sapling cultivation, forestry growth, pioneering inoculation methods, harvesting techniques, distillation methods and product processing, while bringing important economic benefits to local communities.

Asia Plantation Capital has established, strategically, a diverse range of stand-alone businesses, among which are; the use of oud oil from agarwood trees to produce fine perfumes for the international fragrance industry; manufacturing products for the pharmaceutical sector; construction of sustainable homes; plantation and agricultural specialist management, and tree nurseries for local communities to access.

The distillery and associated businesses in Thailand and China include state of the art finishing and processing production lines for agarwood oil and infused chips; agarwood resin; agarwood rice; incense sticks, and a range of raw materials for food supplements.

The manufacturing of structural construction boards and flooring produced from the group’s bamboo plantations are now being used in the construction of sustainable homes as part of the companies’ joint venture with EcoTechAsia.

One common factor sustainable plantations and farms that create sustainable products for the rapidly expanding numbers of environmentally conscious consumers worldwide drive these businesses, and ensure that the group remains fully vertically integrated throughout the product supply chain.

Forestry and Plantation Specialists

Asia Plantation Capital’s mission is to become the leading provider and operator of sustainably managed forestry and agricultural plantations – from project evaluation all the way through to specific plantation acquisition and development. We believe that corporate responsibility is not simply about securing profit for shareholders and clients, but also involves a positive contribution to society and the environment.

With local people at the heart of our operations, and sustainable practices adopted throughout our agroforestry, we are a positive example of the ‘people, planet, and profit’ concept that is inspiring modern, sound business practices today.

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