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Illegal Agarwood
The Treedom Group

The Treedom Group is a leading Oud Oil manufacturer and supplier to the global fragrance and perfume industry. The group boasts one of the largest manufacturing facilities in South East Asia.

Treedom produces the highest quality of Oud Oils and is able to deal with the largest perfume houses of the fragrance industry. Operating on a global scale, with physical sale offices, experienced sale agents and a strong distribution network; the company is able to supply pure Oud Oil to the international perfume industry.

Controlling the complete value chain, from seedling to customer interaction; Treedom is able to highlight the purity of the Oud Oil supplied, as well as being transparent regarding the nursery facilities, well managed plantations, ISO awarded factory and finally settling prosperous deals world wide.

The Treedom Group expose their expertise in plantation management, where they focus on the Agarwood tree, of which the highly valued Oud Oil is extracted.

Why Treedom


Using our experience, expertise and dedication, Treedom ensures consistency in Oud Oil quality; quality that you can trust.


Treedom has complete control of the value chain, from seed planting to oil production.


Treedom is a leading supplier in the Oud Oil industry, delivering high quality Oud Oils to perfumeries and the fragrance industry in over 45 countries.


We guarantee to supply you with outstanding quality Oud Oil providing CITES certifications and GC analysis with every order.

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